$aidina - Chinese Edition SPM103

$aidina - Chinese Edition SPM103
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Features of the Saidina designed games are: 
  • The Mula/Start corner shows 2 black/white blocked start/finish flags.
  • The Jail corner shows an 8-bars gate and no scoundrel.
  • The Free parking corner became a No Parking where a fine of $400 has to be paid!
  • The Go to Jail corner does not show a policeman - a very simple black arrow seems to be sufficient.
  • There is only 1 stack of 24 cards (60x44 mm) called Keputusan/Decission. However, most of the instructions are the same as of the Parker/Waddingtons games. The stack is situated next to Mulat/Start and the cards are marked by a pink question mark.
  • All 40 spaces of the board are numbered in a line alongside the centre field of the board.
  • The groups of properties of each side have the same color, in dark and somewhat lighter.
  • The Jabatan Bekalan Air/Water Supply space is always on place #3 and the color bar shows blue waves in a white field.
  • The Tenaga Nasional Berhad/Electricity space is always on place #37 and the color bar shows 3 purple flashes of lightning.
  • The 4 "station spaces" in the middle of each side, are resp. rubber plantation - coconut plantation - oil palm plantation and pineapple plantation. 
  • All streets have one empty circle on the bottom part of the space, but for what reason?
  • The small (60x44 mm) property deeds have the well known red Waddingtons cards' back.
  • There are 6 different banknotes printed in color on white paper, the denominations of which resp. are RM10 - 50 - 100 - 500 - 1,000 and 5,000, where RM (or the $-sign) stands for Malayan ringgit.
  • The 6 tokens are small plastic squares with the characters A up to and including F. 
  • The are 32 red houses with little stilt legs and pointed roofs, which are characteristic of  traditional native Malayan houses. There are but 10 blue hotels, high buildings with an impressive staircase for an entry. Most probably a copy of one of the many high buildings of Kuala Lumpur?
  • The small dice (sides of 11 mm) are the Chinese type, so with red pips for the 1 and 4.  
Edition: $aidina - Chinese edition, code no: SPM103 
             "A Game that develops your Business Power"
Dimensions of the box: 19.0 x 36.6 cm
The game:
This edition is almost identical to the "Travel edition" with code no. SPM 78. 
Except for the fact it is in Chinese and English and it has the same box sizes it has a few minor differences like:
  • The game board is thinner and folded with its play-side outwards.
  • The board's back is grey.
  • The Chinese Rules are printed on a mahagony colored paper.
  • Two cities are spelled slightly different: 
  • Klang in stead of Kelang and 
  • Johor Bahru in stead of Johor Baru

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