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Auto Air Dispenser BLS 6008
Ex Tax: RM21.20
Auto Air Dispenser BLS 6048
Ex Tax: RM21.20
Chuangdian Tissue Dispenser CD-8147
RM14.20 RM9.94
Ex Tax: RM9.94
DSB WiAir 200 Inflatable Packaging System
Max. speed: Up to 1,000mm/ min Air supply: Built-in system Diversity: Produces va..
Ex Tax: RM5,512.00
Interdynamics X-500 Typhoon Max High Speed Air Compressor
Up to 3x Faster than standard 12v compressors Built-in Work Light Heavy duty powe..
Ex Tax: RM265.00
Jielisi Name Card Holder No.864
Fresh and good-looking model Terse and sleek design ..
Ex Tax: RM5.30
Lingfeng Air Current Pest-Killer Control MD-2W
Non-radiation Non-poison, Non-smell. Automatic Pesk-killer Non-pollution, H..
Ex Tax: RM38.16
Modest Electric Stapler STP-20B (20 Sheets Compact)
Uses Standard 26/6 or 24/6 staples. Compact in size Fully automatic Easy to..
Ex Tax: RM53.00
Multifunction Vacuum Packaging Machine DZ-300A
  DZ-300A household vacuum sealer’s ability of vacuum exhausting is very well. It i..
Ex Tax: RM106.00
Name Card Case Crystal
Fresh and good-looking model Terse and sleek design ..
RM6.25 RM5.30
Ex Tax: RM5.30
Tissue Dispenser V-6082
RM14.20 RM5.00
Ex Tax: RM5.00
Tissue Dispenser V-610-1
RM30.90 RM15.00
Ex Tax: RM15.00
Tissue Dispenser V-6111
RM30.00 RM15.00
Ex Tax: RM15.00
Tool Box / Storage Containers RD6666
Ex Tax: RM26.50
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